[Moin-user] moin 1.8.0beta1 released

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Sep 16 13:55:47 EDT 2008

>           3. 524 data = base64.b64decode(epwd[6:])
>            * global base64 = <module 'base64' from '/usr/lib64/ 
> python2.3/base64.pyc'>
>            * base64.b64decode undefined
>      * Python: Python 2.3.4 (/usr/bin/python)
>      * MoinMoin: Release 1.8.0beta1 (release)


> Is 1.8.0 not compatible with python 2.3?

Well, it SHOULD be. Problem is that no developer uses Py2.3 any more, so
such problems creep into the code.

>From the base64 module docs: """The modern interface, which was
introduced in Python 2.4, provides:"""

Gah. OK, I'll try to make something compatible that works with 2.3.

Thanks for the bug report.

BTW, as long term option, maybe think about a /usr/local/ or /opt python
2.5 install. If you use make altinstall that should be completely
painless and no-risk and won't touch the system python stuff.
"python" will still call the 2.3 stuff, but if code explicitely requests
python2.5, it'll get that.

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