[Moin-user] rst and "what links here" functionality in moin-1.6.3

Poor Yorick net.sourceforge.lists.moin-user at pooryorick.com
Sun Sep 21 16:59:50 EDT 2008

I recently sent a concise email to this list describing how links in the rst format

	`this is a link <../SomePage>`_

don't get picked up by the "what links here" functionality.  This is such a
fundamental feature for a wiki that I was expecting to be quickly corrected on
how restructured text could be used while keeping "what links here"
functionality intact. but didn't get any response.  Is it true that
restructured text breaks "what links here", or is it because the link is a
relative sub-page?  Could someone describe how they use restructured text links
without breaking "what links here?"


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