[Moin-user] Changing default behavior on downloads.

Rick Vanderveer rick.vanderveer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 16:05:02 EDT 2008

Yes, it's the old "downloading attachments" topic again.  :-(

I know that the developers are reluctant to reverti to the old
behavior of linking to a document and have it download by default.
The new method requires a "|&do=get" statement.  But that *still*
baffles a vast majority of my users, and I continue to get questions
about this ("How do I make it download directly again?").

So, it occurred to me that right now the default behavior is to use
"&do=view".  I would like to switch this to &do=get, and make the
&do=view the optional statement.  Switching this behavior would bring
linking back in line with what I think many wiki users would expect
(not just my little wiki, but many on this reading list).  Is it
possible to switch this simple statement?  Where would this change be


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