[Moin-user] MoinMoin & Sourceforge

Vincent Favre-Nicolin vincefn at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 25 16:02:12 EDT 2008


   This message is mostly for people hosting a moinmoin wiki on sourceforge.

   Last week sourceforge finished its migration of web servers to a new data 
center. They also changed the permissions on their data servers, so that my 
moinmoin wiki stopped working.
   At first I thought this was just because they moved the old 'persistent' 
data, but after moving the data files and updating paths it still does not 
work... A clean install did not help either.

   I also made tests with the pythontest.cgi, which worked at first (reporting 
python2.4) but does not report anything now... I almost think I triggered 
some extra protection on the server by modifying the script (adding 
an 'ls /home/persistent/o/ob/objcryst' to see what was going on...)

   I also looked at other moinmoin sites on sourceforge, and all those I 
looked at seem to be down.

   SO I'm wondering if there are other people reading this list who had a 
monmoin wiki on sourceforge, and had a better luck than I did ??

Vincent Favre-Nicolin

CEA Grenoble/INAC/SP2M			http://inac.cea.fr
Univ. Joseph Fourier (Grenoble) http://www.ujf-grenoble.fr

ObjCryst & Fox			http://objcryst.sf.net/Fox

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