[Moin-user] Useful?!

Mail@Heavy.ch mail at heavy.ch
Wed Apr 1 00:59:43 EDT 2009

Mail at Heavy.ch schrieb:
> Kai Jaeger schrieb:
>> I make heavy use of MoinMoin's Category feature.
>> In particular I use category pages which do a (non-chached)
>> FullSearch. As a result these lists are always up-to-date. Nice.
>> However, the page names are not always that clear. I would very much
>> appriciate a feature that allows me to define a kind of short
>> description on a particular page which, if set, could be used
>> automatically by the page performing a
>> FullSearch(category:MyCategory)
>> For example, on a page "ThisIsMyExample" there could be something like
> use something like this:
> <<Include(^FirstnameLastname/20..-..-..,,to="^----",sort=descending,items=4,skipitems=0,titlesonly)>>
> more Information under: http://moinmo.in/HelpOnMacros/Include
ehm, sorry! this works for pagename but not for fullsearch cat:CategoryFoo


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