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Wed Apr 1 17:23:27 EDT 2009

Simon Bruechner schrieb:
> Hi,
> where in the wiki can I set up the TestGroup page? I don't understand 
> how to create a Group for a protected group of users. In the 
> "documentation" http://moinmo.in/Documentation I didn't find anything!
Hi there

read here: http://moinmo.in/HelpOnAccessControlLists

in short:
1. you have a user, we say FooBar
2. create a page like TestPage with some content like:
#acl TestGroup:read,write
= TestPage =
this is my testpage

3. create a page TestGroup
4. add there some lists like:
= @PAGE@ =
 * FooBar

5. and now the User FooBar has read and write access to your created
TestPage, because his in the group TestGroup.

hope it's helps

> Simon
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