[Moin-user] How can a macro output a wikitext together with another macro...

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Wed Apr 1 18:22:30 EDT 2009

hi there

I made some small macro like:

with should output some FootNote Macro with prefilled automatic
generated footnote text/links, well see here for an example


The problem is that the macro "FootNote" is not getting
rendered/executed. How I can do this?

My source looks like this (in short):
from MoinMoin.parser.text_moin_wiki import Parser as WikiParser
    request = macro.request
    formatter = macro.formatter
            wikitext = u'''
             Diese Wikiseite basiert auf dem Artikel
             aus der freien Enzyklopädie Wikipedia und steht unter
der [[%(urlGFDL)s|GFDL]]
             In der Wikipedia ist eine Liste der
        ''' % {
            "item": item,
            "urlWikipedia" : urlWikipedia,
            "urlGFDL" : urlGFDL,
            "urlWikipediaAuthor" : urlWikipediaAuthor,
    wikitext = wikiutil.escape(wikitext)

The output as a normal wiki text works but if you use some @PAGE@, <!>
or even another Macro it's not working.

Is there an example how I can call from a macro another marco and
parse/render this? I was looking in other macros and in the source of
moinmoin but couldn't find any examples how to do this. Any hints? :-)))

Btw. I tried first to directly return the text with a formatter but I
was only able to this with text or rawHTML and not moin wiki text. Did I
miss something?

--> Or would it better to do make this stuff with a parser like
{{{#!License type=article,source=wikipedia,item=MoinMoin


sended this already with the wrong from e-mail adress, so this is the
right one, the other can be deleted.

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