[Moin-user] Users in a farm

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Sat Apr 4 05:33:19 EDT 2009

Kai Jaeger schrieb:
> I have a wiki farm. Users are not shared between the wikis.
> When I go in one of the wikis with only 2 users right now on my
> personal homepage and click then on CategoryHomepage, I get a list of
> all users of all the wikis in the farm.
> Rightly it says that the homepages of those users who belong to a
> different wiki do not exist, but even providing these pieces of
> information is not okay.
> Is this a bug or did I make a configuration error?

first if a user create an account then he has to manually create his own
user page.

with the config variable user_homewiki you can "define" if the user
create his homepage on the current wiki (default) or on a central wiki
(e.g. if you using a farmwiki). this is very helpful because then you
can have central user homepages and also the links e.g. from
RecentChanges (to the username) links automatically to the correct
central user homepage.

The page "CategoryHomepages" makes a FullSearch for all pages where
belongs to the CategoryHomepages BUT only on the same wiki. A farmwiki
wide search is yet not implemented. but as I explained before if you use
"user_homewiki" then all homepages will be created on the same wiki. be
aware if users already created homepages on different wikis you need to
manually move them to your know user_homewiki. also need to setup
correct interwiki names...

helpful links to read and study:
 * http://moinmo.in/HelpOnConfiguration
 * http://moinmo.in/InterWiki
 * http://moinmo.in/HelpOnUserHandling
 * http://moinmo.in/HelpOnSessions (for advanced stuff like single sign
on for all wikis)


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