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waqas ahmad waqas805 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 6 08:53:15 EDT 2009

I am using one macro, that gives me the whole list of pages with defined acl's. you can find under following link:
i want to do little change in this macro, maybe you guys can help me. At the moment this macro is giving the whole list of pages with acl. But i want to get the pageList with respect to acl Group.

I have 3 Groups. 
I want to get whole list of pages with acl in which I mentioned FranceGroup ACLs (Not other pages For other acls). And then other list for SupportGroup and DevGroup. I want to do some filtering between pages.

Maybe I use this macro like <<<AllPagesWithACL(FranceGroup)>> , it will show me the list of pages with acl only for FranceGroup. And When I will call macro like that <<<AllPagesWithACL(SupportGroup)>> , then It gives me the list of pages, where I used the acl only for this Group. And when I will call like this <<<AllPagesWithACL()>> then It will me the the result of all those pages, where I did not defined the acls.  
Note: As you can see in this macro on "line 30" that there is one filter is defined for PageList. I need this kind of filter for my AclList column.Can somebody tell me how can i write this "filter code line" for acl column.


I will appreciate any kind of help.

Best Regards, 


Waqas Ahmad

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