[Moin-user] string matching[AllpageWithAcl]

waqas ahmad waqas805 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 6 11:11:49 EDT 2009




How can i define here that, Give me the string back, if it matches the "SupportGroup" in acl line(#acl SupportGroup,DevGroup:read,write FranceGroup:read).


def getAcl(request, pagename):
    pg = Page(request, pagename)
    pi = pg.get_pi()
    ret = pi["acl"].getString()
    if ret == '':
        ret = "not Defined"
    return ret

this code is giving me whole acl list for pages. but i want to get only those PageList where i defined acl's for my "SupportGroup".


This question is related with my last mail.I want to change this macro(http://moinmo.in/MacroMarket/1.6_AdminTools?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=AllPagesWithACL.py) littlebit.


thanks in advance, 





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