[Moin-user] ACLs v. spaces in user names

Greg Noel GregNoel at tigris.org
Tue Apr 7 04:24:49 EDT 2009


OK, here's the scenario: we have a user with a space in his username.   
(Yeah, I didn't know that was possible, either.)  He needs to have  
exclusive control of a page, so the obvious solution is to use an ACL  
that gives him read, write, and revert permission (and limit public  
access to read-only).

The ACL is space-separated.  The question is how to put a username  
with a space in it in an ACL list.  Is it possible?  The help pages  
don't cover the problem and a search of the mailing list didn't find  
anything relevant.

If it's not possible, then either spaces should be forbidden in names  
or there needs to be a syntax for names with spaces in them.

-- Greg Noel, retired UNIX guru

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