[Moin-user] Users in a farm

Mail@Heavy.ch mail at heavy.ch
Wed Apr 8 13:20:44 EDT 2009

Kai Jaeger schrieb:
> Hi Marcel
>> What do you mean "apart from each other". the user homepages, the user
>> files (with all their login, password, ...) itself or both.
> Literally everything. The wikis are supposed to be completely
> separated with the exception of the underlay stuff.
separate is the default....
>> if this is fine, then you want be able to use a
>> <<FullSearch(cat:CategoryHomepages)>> because a search works only on the
>> current wiki (that's why some folks prefers to have all user homepages
>> in a separated user homepage wiki)
> No, it doesn't work. As I said, it lists pages of users not known in
> that wiki, although these pages do not exist.
it doesn't matter if the user exist on this wiki or not... as long as
there is a wiki page with the same UserName it will shown up. if you use
a cached version of FullSearch try to refresh (delete cach)

> I did tell the wikis apart from each other by setting the
> Interwikiname and the user_dir to the same unique name for every
> single wiki.
> So how the hell does the FullSearch manage to "see" the user names
> from other wikis?

it's not possible but you maybe mixing user names (login names) and user
 homepages (wiki pages) together.. those are two completely different

> It should take same effort to see those if you like to see them across
> several wikis, but it's exactly the other way round.
> And I haven't changed anything in the config, or moved files or stuff.

sure if you move files on the directory level (via a shell access) and
you're using xapian you need to manually update the xapian index,,,


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