[Moin-user] Updating from 1.5.2 to 1.8.2

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Apr 17 02:41:56 EDT 2009

> One thing I didn't like in the conversion scripts was that the default
> conversion will take the latest version of a page, revise it, and
> create a new revision.  While useful for debugging the migration, I
> found it caused two problems:
>       * The "abandoned pages" list was suddenly invalid, because every
>         page had been updated!
>       * Looking at the history for any given page, and viewing an
>         older version didn't work, because the pre-1.6 syntax was
>         preserved for the older revisions
> So when I did the migration, I updated the conversion script to update
> all revisions of a document, and *not* add a new revision of each
> page.

Yeah, it's a bit a matter of taste what mode one prefers for that.
I'll have a look at your patch.

> Other items we encountered:
>       * You have the opportunity to rename pages that use underscores,
>         and instead use spaces.  We chose not to do the renaming,
>         because that would have broken external links to wiki pages.
>         If we do want to do page renaming, we'll do the renames, and
>         create a redirect page in the old location....

That's no problem, moin has some builtin redirect magic for that case.

Try accessing a URL .../foo_bar when page "foo_bar" does not exist but
"foo bar" does.
>       * Category pages broke, in that the implications of
>         [[FullSearch()]] appear to be different, and there is now a
>         "category:" variant that returns better results.  Edits might
>         be needed.

What exactly do you mean?

>       * The syntax for "{{{" is now tighter, and some of our "blocks"
>         needed minor edits.

Yes. The stuff directly after {{{ and before the newline must be a
parser spec (or nothing) now.

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