[Moin-user] IME

Kai Jaeger kai at aplteam.com
Mon Apr 20 02:42:27 EDT 2009

Hello all

I am using MoinMoin mainly as a platfom for a wiki dedicated to a
quite unusual programming language, APL.
It's unusual in many respects, one of them is that it's not using
keywords but special symbols, most of them derived from Greek and

For decades that caused all sorts of problems. Now, with Unicode, it
should be just fine after installing an appropriate font. That's the
theory. In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.

For entering APL characters one needs to switch the keyboard layout.
Under Windows, my main platform, thanks to IME (if one is installed),
that shouldn't be a problem: with the APL layout, pressing Ctrl+Y
produces ↑ (upper arrow). That works perfectly in the text editor. It
doesn't in the GUI editor, so: The GUI editor catches some of them,
for example Ctrl+Z (performs Undo instead of producing a symbol),
Ctrl+B (Bold) and many others.

Now that should not happen. Any Windows software is, according to
Microsofts idea, supposed to look at the current keyboard layout and
to avoid catching any Ctrl+whatsoever keys in case they are used by
the currently active keyboard layout. Even MS Office has learned to do
this recently.

However, Ctrl+C DOES produce an APL char instead of performing a copy
operation meaning that the behaviour is not consistent.
Any chance to get this fixed?


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