[Moin-user] Manual Password Reset

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Apr 20 09:41:17 EDT 2009

> what if a user has forgotten his/her password and the mail feature is  
> not activated?
> Is there a possibility to manually set / blank the password?

Yes, via commandline:

moin ... account resetpw --name=JoeDoe hisnewpassword

Alternatively, if you are superuser, you could log in to YOUR account,
use the user list (via Settings link at the top) to impersonate that
user and just put a known password in for him.

> I can't find it in the documentation, I googled a bit but to no avail.


> Wouldn't it be great if such functionality was available to, say an  
> Admin, at the web interface?

Yes, we could do lots via shiny web interfaces.

The problem is just that no developer yet jumped on this. :)

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