[Moin-user] [GSOC] Things to do during the community bonding period

Dmitrijs Milajevs dimazest at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 13:54:14 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank for my SOC application acceptance. I believe it
will be great coding experience for me, and I'll successfully finish
all my projects.

My proposal can be found
or http://moinmo.in/DmitrijsMilajevs

As program's timeline states, now is community bonding period, time
for reading documentation, code, get to know other developers. For
this months I would like to prepare myself for the summer.

* Workflow. Should we agree on some way, how i work on the project. In
the moin requirements it is said that at leas one push must be maid
every day. Should i write (weekly) reports, describing what i've done,
what and how i'm going do do? It can be blogposts, messages to the
mailinglist, or pages in the wiki. Such approach helps me to find the
best solution before coding, what saves time.

* Modular group handling is my first project. I have link to the
hg-repo of the previous soc project which is related to this, i'm
going to study it, in a week. Also, I would like to study moin 1.9
codebase to get familiar with it. Any other links, ideas, I can do
before real coding?

All the best,
Dmitrijs Milajevs

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