[Moin-user] Developing with/for MoinMoin

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Apr 29 06:48:58 EDT 2009

> 2. I am new in Python and I want to learn how to develop the MoinMoin.

Some more infos about moin:




To begin with moin coding, I suggest you look at moin macro coding
first. It is quite easy and you do not need much experience for it.
Later try actions, then parsers and themes, and finally hack the moin
core. :)

For learning Python, make sure you do some tutorial (there are quite
some on the web) or read a good book about it.

A nice python news source and also often quite educational is

If you want to do serious developing, maybe also have a look at
Mercurial DVCS (the version control system we use). It is very useful in
general, quite some other projects use it, too. You can also use it for
your own stuff locally.

If your goal is developing plugin extensions and fixes, use moin/1.8
(current stable) repo.

If your goal is doing bigger core changes, use the moin/1.9 (or soon
moin/2.0) repo.

Communicate with us often - that avoids double work or work going in the
wrong direction.

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