[Moin-user] section "discussion"

Dennis Benzinger Dennis.Benzinger at gmx.net
Thu Apr 30 10:40:50 EDT 2009

Am 30.04.2009 15:41, Susana Sotelo Docio schrieb:
> Hi,
> I have a MoinMoin WikiFarm (v. 1.8) where different research projects are
> hosted. It would be useful to have a "discussion" section like in the
> Wikipedia, maybe as a subpage.
> http://example.com/wiki/project/PageAboutTask/Discussion
> This is quite simple, but I would need to add a permanent QuickLink to
> PageAboutTask when a user begins a /Discussion page. Could it be possible to do
> this automagically?
> [...]

It does not directly answer your question, but did you know that
MoinMoin has a supplementation pages feature? See the help at

Dennis Benzinger

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