[Moin-user] section "discussion"

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Apr 30 13:25:11 EDT 2009

> > http://moinmo.in/HelpOnConfiguration/SupplementationPage
> I didn't know this feature. That's exactly what I was searching for. I stupidly
> thought that this would be an extension, not a deactivated feature.

The reason why it is not called "Discussion Page" is just that we do not
want to fix the usage of these pages. It is just an additional
"supplemental" page for the main page, no matter whether you discuss on
it, flame on it, write a todo on it, translate stuff to chinese on it,
or whatever :)

The reasons why this is not active by default is because its usage as
"discussion page" is questionable.

Sometimes, like when you want to have a "clean" main page, like for a
public encyclopedia, you maybe rather want to have such a feature.

OTOH, it creates 2 classes of people and contributions: the ones that
are bold enough to write and "defend" their stuff on the main page, and
the rest that lives on the comment page.

Also, commenting at another place and not directly inline is harder,
because you have to repeat some stuff or exactly describe what you are
referring to. The more wiki way is to just comment inline and find some
consensus about the one-and-only page contents.

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