[Moin-user] Wiki suitability by ACL, security, and support

Trevor tr.wiki at telus.net
Tue Aug 11 09:18:16 EDT 2009

Hello.  Please let me know if I'm using the wrong mailing list.  

I am currently evaluating MoinMoin (along with several other wikis) for use within our small development team.  We will be sharing the wiki with clients as well, so we have several criteria that MUST be met:

1. WYSIWYG editing
2. Clean interface, small learning curve
3. Fine-grained user access to pages
4. Security (the wiki will be on a server exposed to the internet, but will be private)
5. Good support base

In trying out MoinMoin (and being quite impressed) and looking through the documentation I think it meets these requirements (definitely 1-3).

My questions are:

1. We will want to segregate the clients from each other (ie. they won't be aware of each other), but our development team would need one-login access to all content, across clients.  ie. if a developer logs in, they would have access to all content; if client A logs in, they would only see client A's content, etc.  Am I understanding correctly that "wiki farms" and proper ACL would help us achieve this?  

2. I'm trying to get an idea of the support base behind MoinMoin: for example, is it one main developer driving the project and supported by several (or many) others?  Or is it truly a community-driven project?  How much of the support relies on one person?  What are users' support experiences like?

Any comments or additional information would be welcome.  Excuse me if I have asked questions that are readily available on the website -- I have looked through the online documentation (which is quite good, by the way) but have also evaluated many wikis and my brain is starting to blur.

Thanks very much,

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