[Moin-user] connection to mysql

Rakotomandimby Mihamina mihamina at gulfsat.mg
Fri Aug 14 04:33:38 EDT 2009

On a 1.6.3, I had something like this:

<<mySQL(dbdt|wiki|wikiadminpass|bln|mysql|PROVIDER,Rapport,Reservation_in,MAX_in,Reservation_out,MAX_out|select customer_provider, ceil(avg(bw_rapport)),ceil(sum(bw_in/bw_rapport)),sum(bw_in),ceil(sum(bw_out/bw_rapport)),sum(bw_out) from customers where customer_etat='actif' group by customer_provider)>>

Which seems to be macros, that query a database. The result was a beautifull table :-)

I migrated to 1.8.4 and, obviously, these macros dont work anymore.
Would you know how to make it work?
Has the syntax changed?

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