[Moin-user] I need to restrict some pages. ACL or multiple wikis?

Steven W. Orr steveo at syslang.net
Sun Aug 16 17:18:07 EDT 2009

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I am the admin for my own server. A few thousand people use the wiki but I
need to collaborate with one other individual. The pages that he and I create
need to be restricted to us and us alone.  I understand how to create a group
for the two of us. What I'm not clear on is if there's a way to make it so
that if he or I create a page that that page can automagically have the access
restrictions we need. I do lots more with the wiki so I know that I would have
to manually set the ACL for any page I create. Is it the case that a separate
instance of the wiki would be more appropriate or is this not a big deal for ACLs.

I created a page called (let's say) OurGroup. The content is

#acl StevenOrr:read,write,delete,revert

 * StevenOrr
 * FreddyFish

Then I *think* I want to say this at the top of every page that I want to
restrict. Is it sufficient to say this at the top of each of the pages?

#acl OurGroup:read,write,revert,admin All:

Will this do the trick?

Also, my acl_rights_default is currently set as:

acl_rights_default = u'Known:read,write,delete,revert All:read'

Can I assume that the presumption is that what I'm describing will work
*because* FreddyFish and myself will be logged in and therefore Known?

I know I'm rambling a bit but I hope I'm being clear. Can someone help?

TIA :-)

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