[Moin-user] why /var/www ?!?

John Perry john.perry at usm.edu
Tue Dec 1 20:58:59 EST 2009


I set up MoinMoin successfully today. I thought I followed the directions, but 
I kept encountering a problem. The CSS did not seem to load, and Apache kept 
reporting the error,

    [Tue Dec 01 19:48:28 2009] [error] [client] File does not
    exist: /var/www/home, referer:

Once I added a symbolic link /var/www/home -> /home, the error stopped 
appearing and the CSS loaded fine.

I guess I must have set something up wrong. Weirdly, adding an Alias directive 
in Apache didn't fix the problem, either. Does anyone have any idea why this 

john perry
John Perry, PhD
University of Southern Mississippi
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
john.perry at usm.edu

endless loop: See endless loop.
(AmigaDOS 3.1 manual, Glossary, pg. 4)

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