[Moin-user] why /var/www ?!?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Dec 3 03:15:27 EST 2009

> Ooooooops.


> The wikiconfig.py requires the assignment of three directories,
>     data_dir
>     data_underlay_dir
>     url_prefix

Ehrm, not quite. *_dir are directories in the filesystem (and yes, using
an absolute path is a good idea, because relative pathes are ...
relative :).

BUT: url_prefix (or url_prefix_static as it is called in later moins) is
a URL, not a filesystem directory. It is the url moin uses to generate
static file URLs in the html it emits. The clientside browser then uses
these URLs to fetch css, images, javascript etc.

Thus, for moin < 1.9.0, you need to configure your web server to serve
those static files when that url_prefix URL is accessed, that's what
this Alias is for.

In moin >= 1.9.0 we serve the static files by a server functionality
built into moin, so one does not NEED the apache Alias any more. If you
have moin as a long running process and you have sane clientside
browsers (doing caching), it gives quite good performance.
Of course if you run moin as cgi (sloooow) or if you want to tweak the
last microsecond, you MAY still use apache to serve the static files
(moin only serves requests it GETS, if Apache catches it first, Apache
will serve it).

>     Alias /moin_static160/ /absolute/path/to/moin_static160/

Left side is the url, right side is the file system path.

> If someone has better advice, I'm open to it. For reference, I'm running Moin 
> 1.90 on Ubuntu 8.04.3.

The alias rather looks like you are running moin 1.6.0 (which is pretty
outdated). You can check this on page SystemInfo in your wiki.

We'll likely release moin 1.8.6 and 1.9.0 soon, btw. :)

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