[Moin-user] Installing MoinMoin on a typical web host

Marcel Stör marcel at frightanic.com
Sun Dec 6 07:32:19 EST 2009

For someone coming from the PHP-corner going through the install docs  
at http://master19.moinmo.in/InstallDocs/ can be a somewhat  
intimidating experience. At least if the "1 minute MoinMoin install"  
doesn't suit you.

For me it isn't a matter of lack-of-know-how, but rather a matter of  

I would like use MoinMoin on the hosting account with my ISP i.e. I  
don't run my own server. Therefore, I don't have admin rights, I can't  
control Apache by myself and I can't use a shell. What I can do/use:  
FTP...I can also set up virtual directories (activating CGI and  
FastCGI for them) and I can configure mod_rewrite rules.

Looking at Python as "just another scripting language" (I assume for  
those who love it it's a bit more ;-)) I assume that it should be  
possible to run MoinMoin in such a confined environment. I simply  
haven't found related hints the docs or the FAQ.


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