[Moin-user] Installing MoinMoin on a typical web host

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Dec 7 06:53:45 EST 2009

> > The bad news is that most hosters don't, but let you alone with slow  
> > cgi or rather complicated fastcgi.


> Ok, what I understood or rather "interpreted" going through the  
> various installation documents:
> - if I can access and run myhost//wiki/server/test.wsgi once the  
> archive is on the server I know that the host supports wsgi

Yes. Depends on the hosters configuration, though.

> - then I'd have to follow http://moinmo.in/HowTo/Run%20Moin%20using%20the%20download%20archive 
>   because it's this document that describes the setup without setup.py

That was written for 1.8, but is rather generic, so it still applies for
1.9 also.

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