[Moin-user] How to link to wiki when using DNS entry

Bos, Roger roger.bos at rothschild.com
Tue Dec 8 07:36:46 EST 2009


Yes, I had to add the URL to the farmconfig.py.  Thanks so much for your



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> I run moin 1.8.5 called "testwiki" on our intranet on a server called 
> rins0050.  So the following address takes me to the wiki:
> http://rins0050/testwiki
> To make matters easier for users, I had our IT dept create a DNS entry

> called "pad" that takes the user to rins0050.  This for fine for my 
> web pages, but does work for my testwiki.  The following link doesn't
> work:
> http://pad/testtwiki
> Anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to work?

Well, I guess it is not the typo (double-t in the middle of testwiki)
that causes the fault, right?

If it is not that and you are running a farm configuration, you maybe
have to fix the farmconfig.py, so it also (or only) matches the new URL.


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