[Moin-user] cookie_lifetime, anonymous_session_lifetime, and openid in MoinMoin 1.9

Frank Lin PIAT fpiat at klabs.be
Thu Dec 10 02:19:59 EST 2009


The variables cookie_lifetime and anonymous_session_lifetime have
changed in an incompatible way in moin 1.9:

in moin 1.8 [1], the variables use to be:
  cookie_lifetime = INTEGER
  anonymous_session_lifetime = INTEGER

in moin 1.9 [2], the variables use to be:
  cookie_lifetime = TUPLE, like:   (0, 12)
  anonymous_session_lifetime -> NOT USED.

Make sure you update the variable in your configuration file, to avoid:
1. the Error 
  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.5/MoinMoin/user.py", line 874, in _wantTrail
   return (not self.valid and self._request.cfg.cookie_lifetime[0]  # anon sessions enabled
   TypeError: 'int' object is unsubscriptable
2. broken OpenID authentication (??)

Wiki translators:
   The Spanish, Chinese, Ukrainian, Portuguese and 
   French wiki pages needs to be updated (search 
   "cookie_lifetime" see [3]).

For more information, see:


[1] http://master18.moinmo.in/HelpOnSessions
[2] http://master19.moinmo.in/HelpOnSessions
[3] http://master19.moinmo.in/FrontPage?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=cookie_lifetime&fullsearch=Text

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