[Moin-user] making a macro to tell the page rev number

Kirby Moyers kdmoyers at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 15:41:00 EST 2009

I'm having trouble making a macro to tell the page rev number
and last rev date.  My short poor attempt is listed below.  I am a
fairly experienced coder, but have never worked with python before.

The calculation of the rev number works sometimes, but
other times makes an error "unsubscriptable", I guess
because the expression did not return a list.  Is there
a more reliable way to get the rev number?

The rev date calculation is just me taking shots
in the dark.  I have no firm idea how to find this value.

Anyone got an idea how to find these two values?

As last ditch, I guess I could try to go find the edit-log
file and read out the last line, but that seemed to violate
the general flow of the 1.8.5 moinmoin code.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

from MoinMoin.wikiutil import get_unicode, get_bool, get_int, get_float

Dependencies = []
generates_headings = False

def macro_PageRevision(macro):
    # arguments passed in can be None or a unicode object

    Dependencies = ["pages"] # is this right??

    # saw suggestion: macro.form.get("rev")   which sometimes produces [u'25']
    # saw suggestion: macro.request.page.rev  which always produces 0

    thisrev = int(macro.form.get("rev")[0])+1   # this actually worked sometimes
    thistim = macro.form.get('time', [''])[0]   # this never worked

    return macro.formatter.text("Rev "+thisrev+" "+thistim)

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