[Moin-user] PageComment2 update for Moin 1.9?

Rick Vanderveer rick.vanderveer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 16:11:36 EST 2009

While I have Moin 1.9 tested and running on my backup test server (and
update instructions here for anyone else who may benefit
http://moinmo.in/RickVanderveer/UpgradingFromMoin18ToMoin19), I cannot yet
roll it out to our live production server because of one measly incompatible
plugin: PageComment2 (found here: http://moinmo.in/MacroMarket/PageComment2).

The error in the error logs is this:

AttributeError: Macro instance has no attribute 'form'

Anyone with any real python skills interested in updating this?  Pretty
please?  I simply lack the programming skills to even know where to begin on
tackling this...

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