[Moin-user] Need help migrating to WSGI

Mark Bradford mark at ucar.edu
Wed Dec 23 14:12:01 EST 2009

I have a collection of MoinMoin wikis, running a way-old version, so I
want to update them to 1.9.0.  At the same time, since it seems to be
the way of the future, I'm shifting from mod_python to WSGI.

My first attempt was to configure them using FarmConfig, but rather than
have them set up as


they're configured as


so FarmConfig didn't work, since it doesn't seem to preserve the 'wiki1'
prefix to the page URLs.

My next attempt was to put

WSGIScriptAlias /wiki1 /path/to/share/moin/server/moin_wiki1.wsgi
WSGIScriptAlias /wiki2 /path/to/share/moin/server/moin_wiki2.wsgi
WSGIScriptAlias /wiki3 /path/to/share/moin/server/moin_wiki3.wsgi

into the Apache config, with the appropriate data_dir configured in each
copy of moin.wsgi.  That seems to work for viewing pages anonymously,
but when I log in, it sticks for exactly one page view, then I'm logged
back out again.

I found this page:


but applying that fix didn't seem to make a difference.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?  My fallback plan is to go
ahead and configure wiki1.example.com, etc, and then proxy from
example.com/wiki1, but that seems awfully convoluted...

Thank you!

Mark Bradford, NCAR/EOL/CDS/CTM
<mark at ucar.edu>  (303) 497-8169

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