[Moin-user] Need help migrating to WSGI

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Wed Dec 23 17:17:12 EST 2009

Hi Mark

See some feedbacks directly in your mail...

Am Mittwoch, den 23.12.2009, 12:12 -0700 schrieb Mark Bradford:

> My first attempt was to configure them using FarmConfig, but rather than
> have them set up as
> wiki1.example.com
> wiki2.example.com
> wiki3.example.com
> they're configured as
> example.com/wiki1/FrontPage
> example.com/wiki2/FrontPage
> example.com/wiki3/FrontPage

be aware that with 1.9.x you have to add the protocol also, like:

see here: http://hg.moinmo.in/moin/1.9/rev/a7477cf9c536

> My next attempt was to put
> WSGIScriptAlias /wiki1 /path/to/share/moin/server/moin_wiki1.wsgi
> WSGIScriptAlias /wiki2 /path/to/share/moin/server/moin_wiki2.wsgi
> WSGIScriptAlias /wiki3 /path/to/share/moin/server/moin_wiki3.wsgi

only one is enough! If you do not want separate the wikis by hostname
(like wiki1.example.com), but do seperate those with a directory name
(like example.com/wiki), you can use WSGIScriptAliasMatch. See here some
configuration hints:

> into the Apache config, with the appropriate data_dir configured in each
> copy of moin.wsgi.  That seems to work for viewing pages anonymously,
> but when I log in, it sticks for exactly one page view, then I'm logged
> back out again.
> I found this page:
> http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinBugs/1.9WikiFarmSessionDirHandlingBroken
> but applying that fix didn't seem to make a difference.
> Can anyone shed some light on this issue?  My fallback plan is to go
> ahead and configure wiki1.example.com, etc, and then proxy from
> example.com/wiki1, but that seems awfully convoluted...
> Thank you!

you may download directly the latest version from hg, because the
session bug was fixed a few days ago, see here:


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