[Moin-user] Need help migrating to WSGI

Mark Bradford mark at ucar.edu
Thu Dec 24 10:55:09 EST 2009

Mail at Heavy.ch wrote:

> well, I running a farmwiki with different subdomains (like
> wiki1.example.com), and I have only one WSGIScriptAlias and one central
> moin.wsgi. the key is that you include the correct sys.path.insert to
> your farmconfig dir, in your wsgi file, like: 
> sys.path.insert(0, '/var/www/moinmoin/config')

Yes, I understand that; I was trying for a configuration *without* using
different host names.

I looked in on the IRC channel but it was pretty silent; I may try again
next week.

Thanks for your responses!

Mark Bradford, NCAR/EOL/CDS/CTM
<mark at ucar.edu>  (303) 497-8169

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