[Moin-user] Creating new wikis dynmaically

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Dec 28 05:28:03 EST 2009

> Users should be able to create Wikis in the same way like standard
> Plone content
> (folders, pages, images etc.). Is there some way creating new wikis
> (not wiki pages)
> (e.g. through the XMLRPC API)


> or does it require a manual configuration (e.g. through farmconfig.py)?

With the moin release code, you need farmconfig.py + config modules
referenced from there. A moin config is just a python module with a
Config class in it. moin first imports farmconfig, then the wiki config
module it found by matching the URL regex.

If you do some generally interesting hacks for autocreating wikis (that
is not only usable for plone), join us on #moin-dev on freenode irc.

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