[Moin-user] Failing tests on 1.9

Greg Ward gerg.ward+moin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 16:14:13 EST 2009

I wanted to take a crack at porting some patches to Moin 1.9 the other
day, so I cloned the repository and ran the tests.  A number of tests
are currently failing.  So far I have only investigated one failure:

MoinMoin/_tests/test_packages.py[6] ..F...


  File "test_packages.py", line 89, in testSearch
E           assert package.searchpackage(self.request, "BadCon") == [u'BadContent']
>   assert [] == [u'BadContent']
     +  where [] = <MoinMoin.action.PackagePages.PackagePages instance at 0xa9bebac>.searchpackage(<MoinMoin._tests.test_packages.TestRealCreation instance at 0xa9ac08c>.request, 'BadCon')

Using "hg bisect", it appears that this changeset is to blame:

  changeset:   4498:910474dded06
  parent:      4477:4d95fa3b074d
  parent:      4497:6beaf3e083c6
  user:        Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
  date:        Sat Jan 24 03:13:41 2009 +0100
  summary:     merged moin/1.8

Just to be sure that "hg bisect" isn't broken, I investigated a little
further back and tested the two parents of that merge.  Both parents
(4d95fa3b074d and 6beaf3e083c6) run test_packages.py just fine.

I'll see f I can figure out what broke and supply a patch.  If I fail,
though, hopefully this bisection will be of use to someone else to fix
the failure.

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