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waqas ahmad waqas805 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 04:22:38 EST 2009

I was running wiki on intranet and it is working very good. Now i want to run this moinmoin wiki for my other branches also. I have some questions regarding moinmoin.
1. I saw on my server, whenever i click on some pages with pictures on client side, always server has to work a lot, because of python. I want to ask when minimum 20 users want to use this moinmoin wiki at a time, then what is minimum requirment of server? Because i have little bit fear that when 20 users will use at a time moinmoin pages, then may be server goes down(even server is very powerful). Can you please tell me technical background, what should i do before expanding the circle of moinmoin.2. Other thing is , i want to setup one more moinmoin wiki for my other branches(security reason) on differnt server. In my main branch, i will use my current moinmoin wiki, and for other branches i will setup new one. because other branches will only read the pages, they will not allow to write on wiki pages. I want to ask there is any synchornization, that i send pages with acl to 2nd wiki. 
If you have any better idea then you can also share with me.?
3. moinmoin wiki can be converted into other wikis without having big problems?
I shall be thankful to you for help.
Best Regards, 
Waqas Ahmad 
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