[Moin-user] sspi_Authentication

waqas ahmad waqas805 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 9 05:07:23 EST 2009

I have two instance in moinmoin. One is called Supwiki and other is QMwiki. But i have only mod_auth_sspi cofiguration for my supwiki.
# Configuration for mod_auth_sspi<IfModule mod_auth_sspi.c>     <Location /supwiki>     AuthName "A Protected TestWiki"        AuthType SSPI        SSPIAuth On         SSPIAuthoritative On         SSPIOfferBasic On         SSPIBasicPreferred Off        # SSPIUsernameCase lower        require valid-user # SSPIDomain   SSPIOmitDomain Off    </Location></IfModule> 
How can i set location (<Location /supwiki>) for 2nd instance.
Best Regards, 
Waqas Ahmad
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