[Moin-user] ACL problems on upgrade

George Dinwiddie lists at iDIAcomputing.com
Tue Feb 10 23:08:44 EST 2009

Todd O'Bryan wrote:
> Users in a group used to be able to edit pages, but since an upgrade
> all the pages are listed as immutable for anyone in the group.
> I have all my users in a MembersGroup page and here are my settings in
> farmconfig.py:
>     # IMPORTANT: grant yourself admin rights! replace YourName with
>     # your user name. See HelpOnAccessControlLists for more help.
>     # All acl_rights_xxx options must use unicode [Unicode]
>     acl_rights_before = u"ToddOBryan:read,write,delete,revert,admin
> MembersGroup:read,write,revert"
>     acl_rights_default = u"All:read"
>     page_group_regex =  u'[a-z]Group$'
> Where do I start troubleshooting this?

It's been a long while since I fiddled with ACLs, but your 
page_group_regex doesn't seem to include capital letters other than the 
G in Group.  Is this correct?  If so, what about the M in Members?  Would

	page_group_regex =  u'[A-Z][a-z]*Group$'

be more appropriate?

  - George

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