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waqas ahmad waqas805 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 11 11:11:35 EST 2009

I have question regarding to sspi authentication. i am using same authentication method for my two moinmoin wiki..one is completely installed on my local computer and other is installed on our main server machine. and i am using same configuration for both moinmoin wikis.
# Configuration for mod_auth_sspi 
<IfModule mod_auth_sspi.c>
    <Location /supwiki>
        AuthName "A Protected supwiki"
        AuthType SSPI
        SSPIAuth On
        SSPIAuthoritative On
        SSPIOfferBasic On
        SSPIBasicPreferred Off
        # SSPIUsernameCase lower
        require valid-user
  SSPIOmitDomain On
# End of mod_auth_sspi.
when i access my wiki with iexplorer, which i installed on my local computer, always give me first login window, where i have to give user name and password for authentication.and then i can see my wiki front page.
But when i access my other wiki, which is installed on our main server, it never gives the login window, it simply show the main wiki page.  i think, it is working like SingleSignOn.
when the config is same for both wikis then why one gives the pop-up login window and other not.
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Waqas Ahmad
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