[Moin-user] Adding wiki without restarting Apache

Shchupak, Vitaliy Vitaliy.Shchupak at deshaw.com
Thu Feb 12 02:11:31 EST 2009

You could use mod_rewrite to achieve this.  This example assumes you are
using mod_python and your URLs are of the form
http://hostname/<wiki>/PageName.  You may need to adjust it slightly for
CGI and different URL formats.

 1. Create a `wiki-map.conf` file mapping a wikiname to a constant, eg:
mywiki1    1
mywiki2    1
 1. Add the apache configuration:
RewriteMap wiki-map  txt:/path/to/wiki-map.conf
RewriteCond ${wiki-map:$1} =1
RewriteRule ^/([a-z]*)(/.*)?$   /path/to/moinmodpy.py$2 [L]

Now to add a new wiki, you would just add it to the wiki-map file, and
apache will see that the file was updated and reloaded the changes.


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Currently I need a ScriptAlias entry for every new
wiki added in httpd.conf.

This in turns requires an Apache restart. Is there any
way around this?

All ideas welcome..



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