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waqas ahmad schrieb:
>  Hi, 
> There is any option in moinmoin that it does not make each time new revision. For example:- whenever i write a document and after saving, i find any spelling mistake then i go again in editor and everytime when i click SaveChanges button in editor then it makes always new revision. i dont want to make these revisions with only minor changes. Have you any idea to control these revisions.

you can use preview before saving

> I saw one thing in moinoin 
> #deprecated
> i didn't really understand it.what is main usage of this.

In comparison to #REDIRECT this PI gives the ability to give the user a
reason why this page is no longer of use and why they should go to a new
one, while #REDIRECT will throw them to the new page without any reason.

The page becomes frozen in it's last revision the content is accessible
 by only knowing the pagename. It is excluded from searching too.


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