[Moin-user] debian wiki structuring: languages, releases, package information

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Sun Feb 15 15:25:39 EST 2009

rupert thurner schrieb:
> hi,
> how one could  best structure http://wiki.debian.org, to easiest cope with:
> * new releases of debian
> * general package information
> * in various languages
> * debian release specific package information in various languages
> it would be nice to easy throw away information like debian releases. i.e. if
> lenny is old in ten years, then the "lenny" folder might be dropped.
> i tried to create:
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/QuickInfo
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/KurzEinführung
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/squeeze
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/squeeze/ReleaseNotes (in german/englisch??)
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/squeeze/WhatsNew
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/squeeze/WasIstNeu
> and entries into:
> http://www.klabs.be/wiki/GermanDict
> and ... hit the following problems:
> * its tedious to maintain the dictionary as separate page.
> * how to deal with page names which 
>   are the same in en, de (like release note)?
> * if i click and get to a german page, how can i 
>   go easily to the english page?
> what would you suggest?

some inputs:

use subpages (like you already do)... to group, for the user, related
information together. like:

you maybe also use a lot of categories for add some tags to the pages like:


--> so you can search like "cat:CategoryLenny cat:CategoryReleaseNotes".
And if you use Category similar like keywords it also helps for searching...

you can use farmwikis (together with intermap.txt) for separating
content more strictly. and with some config stuff for the cookies and a
central user dir you can avoid that a use need more then once to login.
with some tweaking in the theme it should also possible to always
display some links to the same page in other languages.


drawback is currently that with the default installation is not possible
to run a search over all farmwikies.

And in the end you're running x-wikis (x for every languages). But this
all can mostly be solved with some central plugin-, underlay-, cache-
,user- and index directory.

Tweaking on the themen (for the links to pages in other languages) and a
additional xapian index for all wikis could help.

And.. also the underlay directory can be used for pages where needed
automatically to exist on every wiki.


> rupert.
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