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Mon Feb 16 11:59:26 EST 2009

rupert thurner schrieb:
> hi,
> would a parameterized include like
> http://www.wikimedia.ch/index.php?title=Template:Lang&action=edit would be
> possible on a moinmoin wiki too? this would be a possibility to construct a
> standardized language bar, and you see if a page is translated or not.
> rupert.

1. Link
A simple solution would something to add some links like:


The varaibles @foo@ get expanded when you save the pages. But the
problems begins if you start to move/rename your pages, so you need to
manualy update your links. and also if your translated pages has
different names.. because there is no "basepagename" available :-(

2. Macro and ProcessingInstructions
An own macro who read the current pagename and create the links for each
language (and maybe also check if the page exist) would be more stable
and robust (e.g. if you want to add another language in the future, move
the pages around, etc..)...

Also together with some ProcessingInstructions (pragma) it maybe would
possible to has something like a unique basepagename, so the macro can
generate automatically the links to the correct "translated" page; even
the page names are different.

pagename = Konfiguration
in your wiki = #pragma basepagename setup
and the macro <<BasePageName(languages=de)>>

3. themebased programming with farmwikis
another solution would to be to use separate wikis for each languages so
you can link them link [[de:/@PAGE@]]. and also make some themebased
development, where generate the links (to the different languages) on
the theme level.

4. Searches and Categories
I'm thinking about to use categories together with something else (maybe
pragma) for this to start a search like <<FullSearchCached("#pragma
basepagename Installation")>> witch displays all pages with the same
basepagenmae "InstallatioN"... well not that easy :-(

--> Use categories is important but in the end it doesn't help you to
generate a multilingual wiki.. I think there should be discuss with the
core moin developer, because the got a bit more brain as myself :-)
heheh - maybe join them on the irc #moin-dev)

hey did you know this page:

well my 5cents.

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