[Moin-user] parameterized include

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Mon Feb 16 12:45:41 EST 2009

rupert thurner schrieb:
> hi,
> would a parameterized include like
> http://www.wikimedia.ch/index.php?title=Template:Lang&action=edit would be
> possible on a moinmoin wiki too? this would be a possibility to construct a
> standardized language bar, and you see if a page is translated or not.
> rupert.
beside my other ideas... here the last one :-)
use some page structure like:


On the page Wiki/Bootloader you put a macro like
<<FullSearchCached(title:"Wiki/Setup/")>> and this will displays all
subpages / languages another. sure you could also use some includes or
some navigation macro. also maybe a simple "newpage" macro to create a
new language subpage easily would work.

To move from the "de page" to the "en page" you could write [[../en]]

if you would not use for a "de page" the name Setup, you maybe would
like to sue "Konfiguration" you can just create this page and write a
redirect to the basepagename like #redirect Wiki/Setup/de

well nothing perfect and still needs alot of self discipline.


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