[Moin-user] Bug in moinmoin1.8.2

Susana Sotelo Docio sdocio at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 08:44:26 EST 2009

O Wednesday 18 de February de 2009, waqas ahmad escribiu:
> when i edit my pages and i do only some editing in Text Mode or in GUI Mode,
> then i save the page. but i can not see the changes what i made. then i go to
> recent changes and there i check difference between current version and last
> version of that page, then i can see my new added text between pages. But
> sometimes when i edit my text, then after saving , i can not see the new added
> text.
> what is problem ..is it bug or what?

It could be a problem with your browser cache. The old content remains cached
and it is what you see.

If you use Firefox, you can try a "hard" refresh (Shift key + reload button, I


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