[Moin-user] Dont show current revision

waqas ahmad waqas805 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 09:16:00 EST 2009

i updated my moinmoin from 180 to 182 and i am using mod_wsgi. I copied my old pages directory and pasted in new data directory during updation. 
Now when i edit my old pages and save it , then it does not show me current revision .it shows last revision which i made last time with old moinmoin180.But in file system i can see new revision also. and when i go to recent changes and i see the differnce between current revision and last revision then it also shows that i made some changes but actually it is not showing the current version. 
what ever i change on page, it shows me old revision. my users they are editing also some pages but they can not see the current revision. its really big problem.. 
Now i dont know it is the problem of moinmoin182 or some thing else.
please help me.
Best Regards, 
Waqas Ahmad

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