[Moin-user] playing with moin 1.9.0beta1

Mail@Heavy.ch mail at heavy.ch
Wed Feb 18 17:52:57 EST 2009

Rick Vanderveer schrieb:
> I decided to toy around with the new beta that was posted the other day
> on my Moin test server.  I've already switched to Apache & mod_wsgi for
> moin 1.8.  I replaced the moin.wsgi from 1.8 with the new one from
> 1.9beta.  However, when I try to hit the main page, I get a "500
> Internal Server Error".  Below is the output of the Apache error.log... 
> Any thoughts?

Hi there

I was curious about windows, apache and mod_wsgi. So I used my lovely
game pc with vista (eek) to install apache, wsgi, python and the current
beta version.

In my humble eyes everything worked fine and I have a running moinmoin.
see maybe my installation documentation here:


maybe it helps....


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