[Moin-user] remove 'Settings' links from MoinMoin

Christopher MacMinn cmac at mit.edu
Thu Feb 19 12:26:27 EST 2009

> > I would suggest editing the CSS for your theme and use the
> > 'visibility' or 'display' style (depending on which works
> > best for you) to remove it.  I've used that to
> > successfully remove all kinds of elements I didn't want
> > visible.
> could you give me the specifics of what i would need to edit
> (to hide the 'Settings' link) in the modern theme in moin
> 1.8.2?  i'm not much of a CSS guru.

You want to hide just the "settings" link, meaning the one that sits between
the username link and the "Logout" link?
This is an anchor (<a>) with id="userprefs", so try adding a CSS rule in
common.css (or screen.css) that looks like this:

a#userprefs { display: none; }

Best, C
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