[Moin-user] User hompages & Page titles

Christopher MacMinn cmac at mit.edu
Thu Feb 19 15:45:57 EST 2009

> >         What you can do is to configure something different, that does
> >         not mention the page name at all.
> > What exactly do you mean?  Are you suggesting that I change the code
> > that generates page titles?  If so, where do I find it?
> Hmm, i thought we have a config variable for it.
> But it looks like you'ld have to override html_head() method in the
> theme code.

I agree that html_head() is the place to make the change, but I can't see
how it will be possible to achieve what I want.

html_head() currently uses two pieces of information from the parameter
dictionary to generate the <title> -- 'title' and 'sitename', where 'title'
is the internal page name (e.g.,
"HelpMiscellaneous/FrequentlyAskedQuestions") and 'sitename' is the name of
the site (e.g., "MoinMoin").  This generates an ugly <title> of the form
"'title' - 'sitename'" (e.g., "HelpMiscellaneous/FrequentlyAskedQuestions -

Is there some way to store additional metadata about a page that the
html_head() method will be able to access when generating the <title>?

- Chris
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