[Moin-user] remove 'Settings' links from MoinMoin

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Sat Feb 21 15:18:03 EST 2009

David M. Besonen schrieb:
> On 2/19/2009 9:26 AM, Christopher MacMinn wrote:

> also, does it matter where in the .css file i place this rule
> (is the whole .css file interpreted prior to it being
> "executed")?

with some themes you can have four css included:

 * common.css --> here goes everything what is generally
 * screen.cssh --> only for viewing the website with the browser
 * print --> only if you would like to print the website
 * projection.css -> projector (who use this anyway? I never)

well, this is not be carved in stone, you can have hundreds of separated
css files or only a single one. it's up to you witch kind of
organization you want :-)

css defines some other media types.... but browser do mostly supporting
only all, print and screen:

 * all: Alle Medien
 * aural: Audio-Wiedergabe (Screen Readers, Synthesizer)
 * braille: Blinden-Lesegerät
 * embossed: Blinden-Drucker
 * handheld: Handys, Digital Assistent
 * print: Printausgabe
 * projection: Digitaler Projektor
 * screen: Bidschirm
 * tty: Teletype Printer
 * tv: Fernsehen


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